How Customer Satisfaction Factor Plays an Important Role Automotive Service

 How Customer Satisfaction Factor Plays an Important Role Automotive Service

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The automotive service industry in these days is the most lucrative and of high importance in service sector. The competition in the service industry made it essential to provide better and high quality automotive service, in order to remain tangible in the industry. The industry is booming in both public and private sectors. It’s the age of automotive evolution and to improve customer satisfaction quick and reliable service is the need of the hour. To satisfy customer needs- swift identification of problem and on demand service to achieve high customer traffic is required. This article is dedicated for the audience to know about the importance of quality and customer’s satisfaction in the automobile service industry.

Role Of Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the key for the success of every business. It becomes all the more important if the business is related to some service. Quality service is imperative for a service providing industry. Service organizations are becoming remotely wide as the automotive industry is revolutionizing. Recent services are launched in each term to satisfy the raising needs of customers. According to the U.S Census Bureau, following is the list of some service sectors fall under automotive service category,

  1. Information Administration Sector
  2. Two wheels and Four wheels Vehicle Service
  3. Tucking and Towing
  4. Mechanical and Technical Service Industry

Almost every person possesses some kind of personal vehicle these days. They want better quality service of their vehicles in order to get better mileage, performance and comfort while driving their vehicles.

The increase and decrease in customer satisfaction depends mainly on the quality of service you provide. Following are some points that will clear the importance of customer satisfaction.

Key Aspects Of Customer Satisfaction

  1. Loyalty and Intentions

Loyalty is the response to customer towards the quality of product or service. It is an evaluation that supervises the repeatedly excellent response towards a product or service given by the customer in return. There are three key factors that define a customer’s loyalty and intentions towards your product or service.

  • Trust
  • Transaction or Association with your brand
  • Positive client expressive attachment

If a service provider can put together the first points, the customer will automatically be obliged to follow the third rule. Thus, these key points are essential to gain customer loyalty and satisfaction and will also determine the future sales of customers.

Lifetime Value Of Customer

Client Lifetime Value (CLV) is defined as the beneficiary of better customer satisfaction and high customer retention rate.

In automotive industry the service provider competes to increase the CLV rate which eventually converts into marketing dollar.

Customer Retention

Customer retention is directly related to the client’s satisfaction and loyalty. A customer will keep coming back to a certain service provider if he founds his service quality high and swift. They stick to your service and eventually start advocating and promoting your service or product.

Measuring The Satisfaction Level Of Client

There is a strong link between loyalty and customer growth. Both are tied with customer intentions and responsible for the market value of your service or product. If a customer will like your service he will promote and on the other hand, if your impression is bad on him. He will start demotivating others to avail your service. Keep in view the following tactics to increase customer’s satisfaction.

  • Treat your customer like a boss
  • Customer loyalty is key to customer satisfaction
  • Set customer’s satisfaction goals regularly
  • Email updates to your customers
  • Avoid making bad impressions

From above points it is quite clear that customer satisfaction is an important factor in the automotive service industry. The main aspect is to improve client satisfaction and service quality to increase customer’s traffic.

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