The Old and New Ways of Automotive Service Shops

 The Old and New Ways of Automotive Service Shops

How to build and stay on top with your business brand as DIY?

The best way to build your brand is by presenting yourself to the world and that is done by showing the world what you do and why you do? In this era we now see that everyone as an entrepreneur is focusing on building their brand for the purpose of making their future sellable from the talents and skills they can serve or entertain the people. Contents are rolled like reels and visual messages are flipped like an encyclopedia pages. The window of opportunity is getting smaller every day for high class competition that engage and mesmerize the consumer. 

Where do you fit in? As you can see, there are many gurus of social media who can show you their ways of generating leads and sales by selling you the product that you wouldn’t like to get into it, but it may itch you with the pleasure to have the large sum of dollar rolling in your bank account. So, what you going to do now? Are you going to pivot from the long-term business you been working hard expecting someday the goose will lay a golden egg? Don`t get yourself or your dreams and vision trapped into the next flavor of products and items, a business plan is not a like a highway that have one direction to reach the destination instead it’s an evolution of mankind and technology.

Why should you do?

As content sharing is the most efficient way to communicate with your audience, you would need the resource to build the trust and relation with the people who you always look forward to contributing in your business.

What to do?

Content and resources to build

As a DIY Auto repair service provider you have to expand the opportunities to pool resource for your contents. There are many YouTuber we have in the platform who share a bit of how to build up their resources. You can be significantly better than one person gathering information. Here’s what you want to do.
1. Capture of every work that’s been done in your workshop with your camera and upload the content for your audience, by which you show how you suggest and support your customers.
2. Teach them how things work, build the confidence in your audience and you become the reliable resource for the people.

3. Post your content in YouTube channel and other social media network and make it as a library for people to learn. Many people says that what if they all know how to do things and never turn up to my shop? The fact is that visual learning and hand of practical is way too different in its play. Most people have the confidence in virtual things but when it comes to cost of error and damage. People always want to better leave it to the expert. For example. May parents want to know the answer of this question? Should You Pull Your Child’s Loose Tooth? They can but they prefer the dentist to take over the show. Many women can do their own makeup, but the confidence is more in the beautician. Your content is a choice they can opt and level of confidence people build up in themselves, but at the end but it better to watch when the actor play the show period.

How to do?

1.    Create unique posts for each social channel.

2.    Become a social media outreach expert.

3.    Optimize posting timing & frequency.

4.    Test social media headlines.

5.    Utilize Call-to-Action (CTAs) regularly.

6.    Build a social media community.

(Credit source: 6 Proven Strategies for Successfully Promoting Content Across Social Media )

Resource required to start your content.

(Free Tools) To start with basic you have it all, capture the video from your phone and do the narration in the background. Upload your content in Instagram and YouTube for free. Share in other platform like Pinterest for free.

There are other cheaper cameras if you would like to use it. Check out at walmart or on ebay for 4K digital camera less than $150 this will last long as well and if you love to experiment with it or check out at Letgo or Offerup app for pre-owned 4k camera for must cheaper price with great condition. You will find the best ROI on this small equipment.

If you want to use paid tools and resource, which I would suggest not to do so until you reach at least 50-100 videos content in your social media channel.

Here the link you would like have a look at it.

15 must-have social media marketing tools for 2020–(Source Credit:

At Mechmobil we want to partner with you and your DIY Auto Repair service business. We want to give you hands to contribute towards your growth and success in this endeavor. We invite you to join our Mechmobil Workshop Partner Team ( Click Here To Register)

We always look toward your success!

Team Mechmobil

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