Should Car Wash Business Should Go Mobile?

 Should Car Wash Business Should Go Mobile?

During these unprecedented times in history, every country is affecting the terrible changes in the economy line. Most of the businesses are closes due to health impacts. This is causing a massive downfall in every major country in the world. The automotive industry is also feeling this change in the economy and becoming the victim of it.

In the U.S alone the industry has suffered a lot. In this article, the potential impacts of this crisis on the Car Wash Industry and the suitable solution to them offered by Mechmobil Automotive Service Network Company are discussed. Let’s have a look,

Past Analysis Of Car Wash Industry

The hectic routine of human life is changing every day. People tend to shift their habits on ready-to-go things. Now, most of the people prefer to wash their vehicles by professionals rather than washing at home. A study says,

In the United States, the percentage of drivers that report most frequently washing their vehicles at a professional car wash has increased from approximately 48% in 1994 to over 77% in 2019. More than 2 billion cars are washed each year in North America and they earn approximately $15B.

Reference:–Car Wash Industry Trend and Analytics

Current Analysis Of Car Wash Industry

Since the hit of the Covid-19 crisis, the industry is badly affected. There are over 8000 car wash companies in the U.S and that contributes to the 13-15% of the overall revenue generated by automotive Services. But the recent hit has damaged the numbers by,

·        At the beginning of crisis, the revenue was down to -48% YoY

·        The March 2020 was the worst and revenue was down to -53% YoY

·        12% have stopped using the services

Reference: The financial Impacts Of Covid-19 on Carwash Industry.

Opportunities For Car Wash Service Providers

No doubt the pandemic has affected the business a lot but, where there is a Will, there is a Way. This is the time to recognize the need of the hour and shift the trend of the business. Most of the persons are fed up washing their cars at home these days and it is also causing a lot of technical damages to the vehicles.

If the local carwash service providers draw their attention to the home or office carwash services, the business can grow a lot. Let’s look at some potential benefits if carwash service providers make a leap to go mobile.

1.      Draw More Attention To Your Car Wash Business

2.      Not Much Advertisement Is Needed

3.      Required Basic Set-up and Equipment

4.      Generate Greater Revenue By Covering More Ground

5.      Book The Order Online

This is where Mechmobil Automotive Service Network Company comes into the picture. Our mission is to create a stronger automotive service community that will help the local service providers including the carwash service industry growing their business and make greater income.

What Mechmobil offers

 Mechmobil is high end and elegant mobile service provider platform that provide fast and reliable automotive services of every kind.

Head Start

The Mechmobil partner service is allowing the local automotive service providers and carwash service providers to go mobile by joining the community with no initial setup fees or membership charges. The company is also allowing startup to small business providers and car wash stations to have basic equipment they need to go mobile. Once the partners are up and running, they will be obliged to pay a small commission to the Mechmobil as their service fees.

 If you are ready to make a change in your local carwash business and dream of going big, than Mechmobil is the right choice for you. As of now, we are operating in all states of Florida but our aim is to go national in the upcoming times. Make your mind and visit the site: for more information and the procedure of getting started with us.

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