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While the entire world is coping with the situation, it has been affecting the economy of every country badly. There are about 400,000 local businesses in U.S. including 30,000 auto services and among these car wash businesses are over 8000. The current situation has brought the business to its knees the revenue of automotive services is lower by 48%. An overview of the current situation is given below,

Reference: – How coronavirus / COVID-19 is affecting local business revenue across the U.S.

Crisis Brings Opportunities

The times of crisis without a doubt bring hardships and rigor hours for most of the peoples. The same could be said about the current situation in the world. Where people are struggling to maintain their livelihood as every country is going through lockdowns. But, as they say, the life must go on. Some find trouble in these times, but some find opportunities.

“The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger—but recognize the opportunity.”

Reference: John F. Kennedy- 35th, prime minister of America

All the experts believe that it could be a fresh build for a better future. Those who will bother to take efforts now will see the better future tomorrow.

How Car Service Provider Can Get The Benefit

The traditional way to avail of a car service was to go to the mechanic at his workshop. But as the world is changing fast, these methods are getting old-fashioned. An improved mindset is needed to make the most of the situation.

Benefits of Online Services

Peoples tend to go home from work directly these days. As the situation is getting worse, they want to avoid any kind of public gatherings and even they are shopping for foods, clothes and necessary household items online these days. Why not the car service? If they get better and swift service at home or office without getting in trouble going to the workshop. Wouldn’t they prefer it? Let’s have a look at the potential benefits if you will go online with car services,

1.       Not Needing A Big Physical Garage

2.       Can Work Remotely From Your Place

3.       You Won’t Need Lot of Man Power

4.       You will Start Your Own Set-up

5.       Chance Of Handsome Earning

What Mechmobil Is Offering

This is the time to redefine the car service industry. At Mechmobil Automotive Service Network Company, our mission is to change the traditional method, and instead customer comes to you, take an enormous leap and reach the customer to provide the service.

The best thing you will like about the Mechmobil is, we provide swift, elegant and best car service in the whole San Francisco.

At Mechmobil we offer regular vehicle maintenance & service, such as,

1.       Car Wash and Glassing

2.       Engine Diagnostic

3.       Performance Check

4.       Protective Maintenance

5.       Wheel and Tire Repairing

Our feature services include,

1.       Towering Service: The team is comprises certified ASE and highly professional mechanics & technicians.

2.       Repair Service: Just get in touch and define your problem and wait for our professionals to take over.

3.       Workshop Service: Join our partner partnership today and maximize your revenue with zero marketing cost.

What Our Partner Service Offers?

The feature aspect of the Mechmobil Car Service Network is we are offering a chance to local service providers and helping them to get online by offering their services through our network. Get up and join our enrollment program for free and avail a chance to be the part of a greater automotive community. We are operating in San Francisco alone, but we plan to go national in no time. Grab the opportunity and come on board when you still have the chance. For more information, visit:

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