Mechmobil is a technology company that focuses on e-platform to share business and various service opportunity to automotive enthusiast. Mechmobil platform give MIC (Mechmobil Independent Contractor) partners an access to millions of customer across the nation with no subscription program, job that fits into partners schedule. Whether you are top rated company or freelancer, there are millions of people looking for your services in your area.

Work from the convenience of your Time

Perhaps, the greatest advantage of our digital age is the freedom to work from anywhere, at your own convenience. Almost everyone is sick of the rat race and many are already pulling out in a bid to have full control over their lives. Part of this newly found independence and sense of purpose is an ability to choose where and when to work. If you are yet to join this train, it looks like you’re running late already.

Market any skill, and many skills

Think you do not have any special skill to market? Well, think again! You’d be surprised about the diversity of the range of skills in demand and how you can make money from doing just about anything you know how to do. More than 100 unique skills are registered already and we are still open to welcoming many more. Feel free to share just about anything you can do with us and you’ll discover someone somewhere is in dire need of your service. If you are versatile and multi-talented, this is just the perfect place for you. You can register as much as skill sets and sell to people from anywhere around the world. As long as it’s what you love and know how to do, there is no better place to monetize it.

Let’s do the matchmaking for you

A lot of times, professional service providers with the appropriate level of skill and competence struggle to find the clients. On the other hand, clients in need who are ready to pay are sick of hiring low-quality service providers. Mechmobil is here to fill that awkward gap. We link people in need of services with competent professionals that are ready to work in an atmosphere of trust and security. For services that require physical contact, we try our best to ensure providers are within close proximity to the users.

Verified service providers and users

Our service providers are hand-vetted and highly trusted. Their identities and competence have been thoroughly assessed and you can trust them for the best services in an air of professionalism. We also ensure details such as profile pictures, location, and work experience are provided before registering any provider. We understand the possible skepticism that could come with inviting a stranger to provide services, but you can be sure your security is paramount to us. We go as far as running background checks and looking for previous criminal records of our providers (if any). Furthermore, we ensure the vetting process is an on-going one and we do not hesitate to prune out dishonest or incompetent service providers.

As a service provider, you can be sure the same strict verification measures have been carried out on our service users. All you need do is go about your work with utmost professionalism and you can be sure we have got you covered.

Fair pricing and Secure Payment systems

To ensure Mechmobil esteemed service providers and users are never extorted, we have developed a standard pricing system that works for everyone. Service fees are determined by mapping roles and job descriptions with similar organizations through a third-party compensation and bench-marking service. Fees and charges are broken down into its responsibilitiescriticalitycomplexity, and market availability to name a few key factors. Based on these elements, the range for a job is arrived upon. MIC partners can be sure of getting the best remuneration for service rendered and users can be sure of paying the right amount for the service requested.

Our payment system is highly secured and in conformity with standard regulations. We accept payments as soon as a service is requested but the provider doesn’t get paid until the user expresses satisfaction with the service. This way, we are able to maintain an atmosphere of trust and encourage professional service delivery at all times.

Increase your rank and Increase your pay

As a MIC partners, consistently showing your worth to our esteemed users through excellent service delivery gives you the opportunity of moving further up the ranks. Three ranks are available and each promotion comes with more opportunities and, of course, a chance to earn more. Loyal users are also regularly rewarded with perks and discounts.

Communication has never been easier

Our application and website are professionally designed to ensure seamless communication between service users and service providers. Texts can be exchanged easily with our chat option. If you ever need to pass an urgent piece of information across to the provider, the call option is always around to save the day.

Responsive customer support
At Mechmobil, the satisfaction of our providers and users alike is our foremost priority. In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with any of our providers or users, all you need do is lodge a formal complaint that would include all necessary details about the complaint. Our customer support section works assiduously to ensure complaints are handled promptly. For your convenience, we ask you for your preferred method of contact and reach out for further communication through the stated means.

Register Now!

It’s time to start doing! Register your services with us and we’ll help you build your dreams.

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