Mechmobil Affiliate Program- Promote and Earn

 Mechmobil Affiliate Program- Promote and Earn

The dawn of social media has brought positive changes to the business community. Advertising products and services is more than easy these days. There is also a special term for this job “Social Media Influencers” as we know them are the data and information scientists that are pretty much aware of the key importance of information and how to use it for promotion and growth of business.

In the automotive business there is a term known as the “circle of influence.” The circle of influence is everyone you interact with. It’s basically a relative term to social currency, base of affiliation market.

“Social currency measures the ability of brands to fit into how consumers manage their social lives in today’s digital and mobile age.”

Reference:  Study by Vivaldi Partners

What is Mechmobil

A ground breaking automation on demand and mobile services providing platform. Mechmobil Automotive Service Network Company is a modern, integrated and sophisticated solution to your all automation related problems solved under one roof.

Our Mission: To establish an advance and innovative approach in the automation service company and gather automotive experts in one platform for quick, reliable and remote service providing experience at anytime and anyplace. Emerging brand in the automation service industry; Mechmobil aims to achieve lofty rank and credibility in the market.

Mechmobil Affiliation Program

To establish a creditable place in the market, any brand has to invest time and money in advertisement, just as it has to invest in the making of the service reliable and affordable. Affiliation is the best way in the modern age to expand the business in a quick and easy manner.

What is Affiliation?

 Affiliation is the basic step in the social building process of a business. The most important figure of your social currency.

Automation services industry is very massive and hold every kind of competition. Brand position in this field is like a holy grail of a modern era. It can hold the position for a certain time until a player comes in the picture with unique to offer. Result is in the massive shift of customer behavior change which influence the complete service community.

 This is where the Social media marketers comes in, they have a lot to offer when it comes to promoting your business. Let’s have a look at a comprehensive costumer affiliation guide that you should adopt for popular service.

Step 1: Costumer is always right

Step 2: Two-way communication is a great first impression

Step 3: Start with smart greeting

Step 4: First time discount is always good

Step 5: Ask costumers to rate your service

Step 6: Keep their suggestions in mind

Step 7: Bade farewell with compassion


Why Mechmobil Affiliation Program Is Best?

Mechmobil is an advanced platform, so it also realizes the importance of social media influencers and admires their efforts. Our affiliation services has best commissions and bonus discounts to offer for such strategists.


·        Mechmobil provide promo codes to influencers and they will deliver the word in the entire gap out there.

·        For every single customer that avail the offer using the promo code, influencer will earn a commission of 5-10% from the total amount.

Just follow the line to join us,

1.       Apply

2.       Get Your Promo Code

3.       Promote

4.       Get Paid

Other Benefits For Social Media Partner

The best thing about becoming our partner is we offer loyalty and long-term relationship credibility.

·        As long as the influencer will continue to serve, the offer will remain valid.

·        The influencer will have premium access to our latest news and service updates.

·        There is no initial investment fees or charges to join the program. (email us at: with your social media link to get the code) everyone qualify. No minimum fans or followers required.

·        Each of your brought customer is the responsibility of Mechmobil.

Benefits for Referred Costumers

Our service defines us, customer care is what we are a promoting. Each customer comes to us through affiliation program avail following benefits,

·         Advance and quick support

·         Easy to avail and reliable service

·         First time service discount

If social media influencers are looking for smart earning through affiliation, then Mechmobil is the best choice to start. As of now, we are operating in all states of Florida, but our aim is to expand through all states.

Visit: now and get yourself registered as our media partner. Stay tuned for more updates and keep promoting for handsome earning.

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