DIY (Do It Yourself) Auto Repair Shops: The Next Game Changer.

 DIY (Do It Yourself) Auto Repair Shops: The Next Game Changer.


DIY auto repair shop is a superb way to allow public to work in your facility and keep the customers to work on their vehicle to keep it in a decent shape and save money at the same time. This is a business which can thrive in any economic climate. During robust economies, your DIY auto repair shops can cater to both new and used car owners by offering standard maintenance and repairs for much better prices than those charged at auto dealerships. During tough markets, consumers are more likely to hang onto their cars longer, considering it more economical to pay for car repairs than to buy a new car.

The operational strategy for Auto repair shops with DIY facilities.

Am assuming you as an existing Auto repair shop, which also means that you already would have got the efficient inventory control system and some good safe lifts. So, let’s move on to the next phase of the strategy. Providing efficient inventory is the best the way to maximize your revenue, including a competitive pricing.

Most of the customer who use DIY facilities are someone with a basic knowledge of auto repairs and there are another group of customers who have no clue about what they have to do but know what they want to be done. So, here’s the solution. Make the customers sign on a waiver form. Please consult legal and professional agency to draft a waiver form.

DIY Auto repair shops must also consider selling products such as auto parts and accessories apart from providing tools, equipment and space. Most of the customer who will use the DIY auto repair shops are there to fix and replace some parts and accessories, like brake pads, tire replacement or to change oil. All these are an opportunity to upsell your inventory. You can design in such a way that most of your customer get all this new parts and accessories from your shop, you may give discounts or a basic training on how to do.

Appreciating and understand the customer need is the main key factor to grow the business. By teaching your customers a new skill, you end up offering great customer service because your service isn’t only tied to a direct sale.

Appreciating and understand the customer need is the main key factor to grow the business.

Here a few tips that you may want to consider getting extra revenue.

1. Make a video of how to repair and fix with the vehicle type and model. Share this content for educational purpose to your only customer. Sharing tips and tricks is always a substantial reward.

2. Upsell product such as upgrade brake pads, tires and engine oil including many other things with accessories such as floor mats, Car Air Fresheners and Car Fragrance.

3. Sell insurance with waiver form and get commission

4. Provide mechanics and technician if customer need additional help and charge in case if customer are not confidence.

5. Provide financing through third-party for parts and accessories like brand new tires and expensive parts.

6. Give customer vouchers for discounts and offers for next visit.

7. Upsell your brand accessories or make it a freebie such as a key chain with your brand, Stainless Steel Travel Mug for marketing materials.

8. Franchise your brand to other Auto repair shops.

9. Offer free snacks and refreshment or you may set up a vending machine.

10. Charge a customer for storage if the vehicle have to be at the shop overnight.

Additional Offer offers a wide range of products and services, including:

State safety inspections

State emissions inspections

Brake service

Muffler-exhaust system repairs

Engine repair

Suspension and alignment

Shocks and struts

Electrical service

Scheduled maintenance

Computerized diagnostics

Here’s some basic question and answer.

1) What happens when someone comes in and cannot fix the vehicle?

   First, up sell insurance with waiver form if a customer will do it by themselves and charge for tools and facilities, etc. If the customer is not confidence, to fix their vehicle offer them professionals.

2) What if they just leave it sitting at your business? How do you handle it to dispose of the vehicle?

Everything will be timed, and they will charge so to a customer. Charge a customer for storage if the vehicle have to be at the shop overnight.

3) Liability insurance to keep in the list as follows.

a) Premises Liability Insurance. (GL)

This policy will protect your business in the event of something as simple as a slip-and-fall and as complex as a lift malfunctioning and injuring a customer.

b) Tools & Equipment

Insurance for tools and equipment will cover whether the tools are broken or stolen. It may also offer coverage for lost income while you wait for certain items to be repaired or replaced.

c) Professional Liability

It should cover expert services under a professional liability insurance policy in the event of errors and omissions by that staff during advice given to customers.

 d) Bailee Coverage

A customer may need to leave their vehicle overnight due to lengthy repairs, the vehicle then becomes the responsibility of the automotive repair facility. Just as in standard repair shops, it requires coverage for customer’s vehicles left in your care, custody, and control any time the customer is not on site.

For the most advanced and the best way to begin with reliable workmanship. To get your standard auto repair shop upgrade and generate more revenue with our network and to protect your business is to register your Auto repair shop and become our business partner as Mechmobil Workshop Partners for a free, no-obligation risk management analysis.

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